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LOLCats... ??


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LOLCats... ??

Who don't know LOLCats?
You don't?
Pues muy, muy mal.

I Can Has Cheezburger is a website which has the potentials to change your life -or, at least, your aptitude to it*

Being monday, this had to be the first image, of course!

Es increible lo pesimo que son los lunes. E soprattutto quando anche tutto il resto va male!

Che vuoi far, ci vuole ottimismo!

This is the classical example of a LOLCat. A LOLCat is basically an overminded being with the shape of a Cat, capable of prodigious acts and incredible fun.Beings of such specimen can be found all around the world, even if apparently North America has a great % of them!

As you can see,one of the most terrible weapon of the LOLCats is their tenderness...and let's be sincere, they're so damn nice!!!

I had to put this one, for obvious reasons! :)

As I was previously explaining, LOLCats have hunders of mystic abilities...

...As well as increible skills in all professional areas!

...Which makes them unfortunately hard to stand, sometimes :)

Bueno, espero que os haya gustado este pequeño entrante de LOLCats... more will come!